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Dwelling Policies

Dwelling policies are very similar to Homeowners policies, but are specifically made for landlords who are renting out their property.  They do not have content included in the policy (some companies do allow contents to be covered) and DO NOT COVER THEFT.  The deductible on these policies range similarly to homeowners policies.   Dwelling policies cover from single family homes to four family dwellings.  However, if the building has more than four dwellings, consider a commercial policy.  If you own multiple homes, you may be better served by a commercial policy, which may bundle the costs of protecting the homes and make the price per home cheaper. 

Also, with some companies, if your home has more than one dwelling (duplex, triplex, etc) and you rent out part of your home, you will have to get a dwelling policy, rather than a homeowners policy.  

As a landlord, also, consider the limit of liability that would be sufficient on your dwelling policy.  You may want to consider having a higher level of liability depending on the condition of the building and tenants. 

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